Over the past month you might have watched the dance of Venus with the great light bearer Jupiter.

It was a wonderful spectacle, Venus as the evening star slowly conjoining Jupiter on the 1st July and later in the months with the new Moon you could watch a spectacular Threesome in the evening sky.


Every 18 months approximately Venus appears to go retrograde and changes from evening star to morning star. This journey takes about 40-44 days.


We are in this phase now as on the 25th July Venus weakens its light and slowly proceeds on what appears a backward journey, once again to join Jupiter, then joins the Sun on the 15th of August.

This cazimi aspect, Venus conjunct the sun, followed over a period of 8 years forms a pentagram.

These 40 days are phase of the divine feminine, a time of going inward and ponder about the traits that Venus represents such as harmony, self worth, self love, seduction, attraction, relationships, beauty, art, music. This phase will last until the 6.9.2015.

It is a phase of contemplation, meditation not a phase of outward action.

Dream of finding your perfect soulmate.

On the 6.9. Venus will change direction again, as it appears to go faster and is going direct.


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