We have a powerful pair of eclipses coming up:

March 20, 2015   9.37 GMT  Total Solar eclipse lasting 2 minutes 47 seconds. Location: 29 H 27     (29 degr pisces),  Saros series 17 South

April 4, 2015          12.07 GMT Total Lunar eclipse lasting 1 minute, Location 14 =24   (14 Degr. Libra)

This is a hugely significant eclipse. 29 Degree Pisces is the last degree of the zodiac. It is a very powerful eclipse, lasting longer.

It tells of mass endings and new beginnings.

Marine life, the ocean is involved for those who live near the eclipse path, which takes place over Northern Europe and Northern Russia.

Endless opportunities and looking at situations from many different perspectives, like a prism gives hope and optimism needed to carry on and change.

Saros 17 South indicates sudden success in group and relationship projects.

If you have any  planets at 29 Degr. Pisces in your chart, these are the topics and areas affected.


The following lunar eclipse is only of short duration.

Look where you have planets at 14 Degr. Libra in your chart.

Intense emotional dramas can be played out, as Pluto is squaring the lights. There is an intensity causing a lot of anguish.

These areas need a compromise, reflection, a rest and not action, co-operation with others.


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