Retrograde planets are a visual illusion. Planets travel at different speeds and can slow down from time to time.

Visualize 2 parallel trains. If you sit in the faster train, the slower train can appear to stand still and then move backwards.

Retrograde motion of planets has 3 phases, slowing down, standing still and going backwards.

Then again standing still and ready to move forward.

If your horoscope has retrograde planets, they are interpreted differently from direct motion ones. Their action is more inward than outward.

In daily life, when planets go retrograde, things can get delayed or have to be repeated.

Mercury goes retrograde three times a year. Venus and Mars go retrograde only every 2nd year.

The outer planets spend a great deal of the time retrograde.

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Here you can find Retrograde Dates

Planets retrograde 2017

Mercury turns retrograde about 3 times a year. It can bring delays in communication and misunderstandings. Avoid signing contracts.Use the time to prepare for action later.

Dates of retrograde

19.12.16 – 08.01.17

09.04.17 – 03.05.17

12.08.17 – 05.09.17

03.12.17 – 22.12.17


Venus turns retrograde about every 1 ½ years. It touches areas of relationship and money. During retrograde phase old love relationships could turn up or ask to be dealt with. Watch your investments during retrograde phase.

Dates of retrograde

04.03.17 – 15.4.17


Mars turns retrograde about every 2 years.

There are no retrograde periods during 2017


Jupiter  turns retrograde once every year for about 4 months. it is a good time for reflection on your values and belief systems.

Dates of retrograde

06.02.17 –  09.06.17


Saturn turns retrograde once every year for about 3 ½ months. It is a time to reflect on responsibilities and long term goals.

Dates of retrograde

05.04.17 – 25.08.17


Uranus turns retrograde once a year for nearly 5 months. It is a time to focus on our independence and inner freedom

Dates of retrograde

20.8.17 – 02.01.18


Neptune turns retrograde once every year for about 5 months. During this time it is time to focus on inner peace and spirituality.

Dates of retrograde

160.6.17 – 22.11.17


Pluto turns retrograde once a year for about 5-6 months. During that time we best concentrate on Transformation and change

Dates of retrograde

20.04.17 – 28.09.17


The following website have also a nice retrograde calendar.