Moon sign of your child

Do you want to get to know your child better?  Then find out under which moon sign it is born. I write a 16 page report about the child’s needs and personality. It is a great guide for parents. For more Information please click here.


Below is an extract of the Moon Personality of your child.


Aries Moon children:

This child is lively and active, it might require little sleep and cry a lot, quite loudly too.It has a strong will, is determined and wants that parents participate in playing.It loves movement and fresh air. Aries moon children are usually robust and are not shy.


Taurus Moon children

A child born under a Taurus moon needs a lot of physical contact. It loves indulging and can be a little slow. If it gets enough caring, it will be a peaceful child and low maintenance for parents. A Taurus moon needs stable conditions, it gets stressed with chaos and constant changing environment.


Gemini Moon children

Already from an early age this child shows a lot of interest in his environment. It is very attentive, comprehends quickly and probably learns to talk earlier than other children.

The child with a Gemini moon needs a lot of inspiration from outside; hence it does not like to be alone. It appears somewhat nervous, restless and has interrupted sleep. It gets sidetracked easily, especially during feeding. It gets bored easily.


Cancer Moon children

The cancer moon child needs a lot of sleep. It loves caressing and kissing and cuddles and is very sensitive if matters at home are not harmonious. It loves its own area with toys and cuddly pets. It is a very sensitive child and reacts strongly to any disharmony and messages on an emotional plane.


Leo Moon children

This child needs a lot of attention. It loves to be the centre of attraction and loves to be made a fuss about. Leo moon children are little kings and queens, which like to command others around. At the same time they are playful and have a joie de vivre, which you can see in their face. They are very charming and easily win others over.


Virgo Moon children

Children with Virgo moon are not demanding. They are quiet, humble, and easy to get along.

Important is a daily routine, some structure. It does not like chaotic conditions or changing environment. If there are any disharmonies it will react with physical symptoms, especially the stomach is very sensitive.


Libra Moon children

The Libra moon child depends on a very harmonious environment. It cannot handle quarrel and conflict. It is a peace maker and will try everything to establish harmony and peace. It is the typical lovely child, which tries at all times to please its parents. It needs to be encouraged to show his feelings and his real needs.


Scorpio Moon children

This child can be a challenge to parents. It has a total need for attention and love which can hardly be met. A child with a Scorpio moon can get very attached and passionate and reacts fiercely from any rejection or separation. It needs a person with strong empathic contact to relate to. A person who can show emotion and can connect.


Sagittarius Moon children

This child knows what it wants and manages to get what it wants. It has a strong basic trust, is lively and attentive. The Sagittarius moon child loves movement, loves entertainment. It tends to overestimate itself, it knows no boundaries. Especially with food and drink, parents need to watch it.


Capricorn Moon children

The little Capricorn moon child is very sensible and wise, actually not childish and a little adult before its time. It is careful and needs a little time before it gains trust. This child needs security and a clearly structured daily routine. Do not be too strict with this child, rather enhance his playful nature.


Aquarius Moon children

This child is an individualist. Early it would like to demonstrate that it is somebody special. The Aquarius moon child needs less physical contact than other babies.

Rather it likes intellectual stimulation. It loves the company of other children and does not like to be alone.


Pisces Moon children

This child is highly sensitive and reacts strongly to outside impulses. It identifies strongly with his parent and absorbs their moods. It therefore feels as good or as bad as this person or people near him. To make a Pisces moon child comfortable, be clear in your emotional environment and the environment it grows up.


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