Astrology – understanding yourself

Astrology provide powerful tools for self discovery, healing and personal growth. It can save you many sessions with a therapist, since the root cause can be found fairly quickly.


Finding the key issues holding you back.


Finding the root of a medical problem.

Astrology solving issues such as:

• Depression, low self-esteem and suicidal tendencies


• Alcohol food and drug abuse


• Fear, anxiety, phobias and inhibitions


• Illness, pain, old age, death and dying


• Spiritual peace and awareness


• Relationship problems


• Anger, frustration, resentment


• Joblessness, lack of ambition and initiative


• Realistic career goals and action plans


• Materialism, greed and selfishness


• Achieving happiness alone and together

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Astrology can answer your questions:

• Are you looking for a meaningful life?


• Would you like to understand why certain events happened and how; and when they did?


• Do you ponder over why situations in your life repeat themselves?


• Are you about to decide on a life-change?


• Would you like some help in decisions about profession or private affairs?


• Would you like to better understand yourself and other people?


• Do you ask yourself what kind of relationship dynamics exist between you and your partner / children / family?


• Would you like to better understand your child or children to further their talents?


• Are you interested in the psychological aspects of health and illness?


• Do you ask yourself which aspects of your life make you sick?