What is a Health and Wellbeing report or consultation?

Medical astrology is a complex form of an astrologer’s art. It establishes a person’s health potential both physically and emotionally and spiritually.

This report highlights areas where you should pay special attention and gives some nutritional advice. It by no means replaces a consultation with a health professional.

What my Health and Wellbeing report includes:

It is done on hand of your natal chart and your future chart. And you get a report of approx. 16 pages. 60 AU$ plus postage.

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Here you can read more about Health and Wellbeing report:

How does a Health and Wellbeing report work?

The bases is a natal chart and certain areas of the chart wheel. Certain celestial bodies and planets and its aspects are emphasized. An astrologer establishes the balance or imbalance of the elements (Fire, Water, Air and Earth) – very similar to Chinese Medicine.

How can a Health and Wellbeing report help me?

– It can highlight some areas of your body where you need to pay more attention.


– It gives some therapy tips.


– It shows your vitality, your strengths and sensitivities.


– It might show an affinity to the bones and teeth, so calcium / magnesium intake has to be watched.


– It might show a tendency to be too sensitive to drugs / odours etc. so you know that you might not tolerate the same amount of alcohol like other people