An eclipse is an astronomical event where Sun and Moon are in the same place in the sky. (conjunct).

A Solar eclipse can be total or partial i.e. viewed from Earth, the total or part of the disc of the sun is blotted out by the moon. It can only occur during New Moon.

A Lunar eclipse follows a Solar eclipse. During a lunar eclipse either a portion or the complete disc of the moon is blotted out by the sun.

Sun and Moon are opposite each other with the earth in the middle, so a lunar eclipse occurs during Full moon phase.


Solar and lunar eclipses occur in pairs, with the lunar eclipse occurring either 14 days before or after the Solar eclipse.

They occur in cycles and can be predicted accurately.

Eclipses have an effect upon the Earth’s electromagnetic field that can be scientifically measured.

In the olden times eclipses were a bad omen, since they brought moments of darkness, blocking out light and light is life.


You need to note the degree of the zodiac the eclipses take place and then apply it to your chart. These areas, sign and house will be highlighted.


If the eclipse highlights a point in your astrology chart, these areas of your life come into focus and need attention.

It is best not to start a new project under an eclipse but rather reflect and meditate on this area of your life.

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Eclipses 2017


Lunar Eclipse  10.02.2017   22 degr. Leo

Solar Eclipse   26.02.2017    8 degr. Pisces


Lunar Eclipse   07.08.2017   15 degr. Aquarius

Solar Eclipse    21.08.2017    28 degr. Leo