What is a Career guidance / Vocational guidance?

This counseling session is suitable for teenagers and parents who seek advise on different career paths. But it is also suitable for people who have lost their job, experience midlife crisis, or generally feel lost and dissatisfied in their career. Not everybody has a calling to fulfill a very special destiny and some others might waste their talents in a boring job and are chronically dissatisfied.

Parents might want to help their child to evaluate options for a future career guidance.

What my Career Guidance / Vocational Guidance service includes:

A birth chart will be prepared before you come in, highlighting career and money making potentials.
Then there is a 1 1/2 hour personal OR Skype consultation which will be recorded on CD’s. 180 AU$

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Here you can read more about Career guidance / Vocational guidance:

How does career guidance work?

Vocational guidance is an extract out of the Natal chart / Astrology chart and concentrates on the areas of work, career, calling, talents and passion. A professional astrologer looks at special talents, and also areas of work that might be suitable.

There are people who need to be on the forefront, visible, need an audience. Other people are better working behind the scenes and do not need the limelight etc.

How can Career Guidance help me?

Your child is a not interested in learning – perhaps a vocational guidance session will highlight talents and interests and show how certain courses can help in a future career.

For mature people it may show talents that are not yet developed. Or perhaps show whether is time you started working independently.

What are typical question that can be answered with career guidance / vocational guidance?

– I have so many interests, what courses should I study?


– I am bored and have no interests, I don’t know what to do with my life / career?


– I have lost my job – is there anything else I could do?


– Should I concentrate on earning more money?


– Should I work for a boss or could I venture out by myself?