What is an Astrology Baby Birth Chart / Baby Natal horoscope?

This is a natal astrology chart for your baby, together with a 16 page report. It is not a personal consultation. Very useful for parents and teachers to guide the child according to its needs.

This report will illuminate a world of fascinating possibilities for you and your child. Learn your child’s key traits, her emotional needs, talents, learning abilities, and how she relates to you. A wonderful gift for the birth of a child.

What my Astrology Baby Birth Chart / Baby Natal Horoscope report includes:

Get to know your shining star. This is a report of approx. 16 pages. 60 AU$ plus postage

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What are typical questions that can be answered with Baby Birth Chart /  Baby Natal Horoscope?

– Why does my  child  have a preference for only one of the parents?


– Why does my child have temper tantrums?


– Why does my child not want to be touched?


– Why is my child so clingy?


– What sort of thing is my child interested in?