What is an astrology chart in general?

First there are a lot Synonyms for astrology chart: Astrology chart = Horoscope = Natal Chart = Astrochart = Birth chart = Radix = Skymap = Celestial map = star chart = chart wheel


An astrology chart or horoscope is a snapshot or map of the planetary constellation at the time of your birth. It can be created for a baby or for persons of any age.


Horoscope (hora=hour) refers to a moment in time in a geographical location.

On a chart wheel divided in into 12 sections (houses) the position of the Sun/Moon and 8 planets will be entered and their relationship to one another calculated.

What different astrology charts are there:

An astrology chart or horoscope can be erected for:

A person (called Natal / Birth chart)

A company (called company chart)

A country  (called country chart)

An event  (called Electional chart/ Horary chart)

A relationship (called Synastry/Love chart/Combination chart)

So a birth chart  /Natal chart / Astrochart is still relevant, no matter of your age.

I do Baby charts in form of a report – children’s reports – for parents to guide their children.


Natal charts / Birth charts for people of any age to gain insight into their personality

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Here you can read more about astrology charts:

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Astrology charts are used for following services:

Relationship potential and Love, Compatibility

Vocational guidance

Karmic pathway

Health and Wellbeing

Money matters

Predictions / Dynamic horoscope / Future trends

are based on a Natal birth chart plus another chart of today / the time / moment we are in now.

Synastry chart / Love charts / love horoscope

are based on 2 people’s Natal birth charts plus a combination chart of both of them.

How does a Horoscope or Astrology chart work?

Every planet in a chart represents an archetype, just as in C.Jung’s psychology teachings.i.e. Venus is considered a planet to represent money and relationships. The goddess Aphrodite of the Greeks or Venus for the Romans represented similar values of Beauty.

Every planet is in an astrological sign (i.e. Gemini) showing us how this planet behaves.

So a Venus in Gemini for example loves and is interested in variety, in many different things, in communication, so this planet of beauty is in an intellectual air sign. In a relationship this client would love to have interesting conversations.

Every planet is in a certain “house” and area of the sky dedicated to certain areas of life, such as home or career, work (i.e.house 6)  or big corporations.

Example: a Venus in Gemini in House six would be have good communications skills at work and if this venus receives a hard aspect from another planet, such communications might produce stress.

This is very, very simplified but it gives the reader a first idea.

On hand of aspects formed between planets, a professional astrologer now can point out areas of ease and co-operation and areas of stress and difficulty.

To bring us into the now: planets have now changed position from when the client was born and move continuously through the sky. An astrologer now checks what aspects such a transiting planet forms to a natal planet. This can be an easy one, indicating opportunities in a specific area of life, or stress with a difficult aspect.

Western Astrology does not deal with such predictions in a fatalistic way like Vedic astrology does.

Western Astrology takes into account that there is no fixed karma but a free will.

If the client, with the help of an astrologer works on his personality to achieve a different consciousness, then indeed the client can be the master of his own destiny.

How does an astrology chart or horoscope help me?

With the help of a professional astrologer the client gets deep insight into his personality. His talents and shortcomings, his health, his relationship potential, career guidance, money making skills.

Some points may be a confirmation of what we already know, other points may be blind spots we are made aware of, so we can take action.

Once we have a roadmap of life, this is so much easier to navigate.

An astrology chart gives us a life direction, so we no longer feel lost but gain trust and confidence, perhaps acceptance of certain things that cannot be changed.

A professional astrologer will point out areas of life that are best left behind and new traits that can be developed.

Consider the Natal chart as a toolbox with which you are now equipped for your whole life.

This confidence takes away a lot of anxiety, brings an assurance and calmness.

With the help of transits an astrologer can predict times of forthcoming stress in certain areas. If you are forewarned it is not to be met with fear but instead you have time to set your sails right, so you can master a forthcoming storm. It will come, yes, but it will also pass and you have been equipped to deal with it confidently and not with fear.