How Astrology can help you in Life?


Imagine a life without fear. Imagine feeling complete trust that everything happens for a good reason in your life. Such a life is possible – but it is conditional:

It needs the devotion to our own self and our own lesson in life. We can feel good once we are in unity with our path in life, with our soul and our whole essence of being.



Astrology gives answers to those who are searching for the truth, in pursuit of knowledge, happiness and greater fulfillment. A soul is born at exactly the time planets align in a certain configuration.

Personal, Skype or telephone Astrology Reading and Consultations

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Birth Chart / Natal Chart

An astrology birth chart is an elaborate way to look at a person, place or event.
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birth chart / natal chart.

Love Horoscope / Love Chart

A love chart or love horoscope compares the nature and compatibility of two people.
Read more here about love horoscope / love chart.

Prediction / Horoscope for the Future

A professional astrologer can calculate dates for future events, tell you what area in your life will be highlighted. Read more here about prediction / horoscope for the future.

Baby Birth Chart Report

Very useful for parents and teachers to guide the child according to its needs.

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Career Guidance / Vocational Guidance

This guidance is an extract out of the Natal chart and concentrates on the areas of work, career, talents and passion. Read more here about career guidance / vocational guidance.

Health and Wellbeing Report or Consultation

Medical astrology establishes a person’s health potential both physically and emotionally and spiritually. Read more here about Health and Wellbeing Report or Consultation


Put your astrology chart on a world map and see for yourself which areas of the world bring to the forth your different strengths and challenges. Read more here about astrocartography.

Astrology - a roadmap for your life

A personal chart cast according to time and place of birth contains our soul’s programme, which we have brought into this life. A chart is an excellent method, to recognize very precisely the creative potential, especially talents, duties and thought patterns.
It indicates the direction and the goal our innermost being is longing for.



  • An astrological analysis is also a tool for vocational guidance, to the tasks or professions that resonate within us; the duties that challenge us, and bring out our full potential because we enjoy doing them.
    It helps us to understand and accept our partners better and to further our children according to their talents and abilities.
  • It shows how to achieve material security and how certain places of domicile or countries can further our development and growth.
  • It is a fantastic tool to determine a good timing for the achievement and to realize professional tasks or personal goals and with which activities we can plan a successful future.
  • For business people it can offer strategies to optimize economic success.
    The aim of my consultations is, to show you how you can determine the direction of your life. Once you yourself have recognized your unique individuality, where your strengths and talents lie, then you hold the key for a meaningful life filled with love.
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